[14list] US Nationals Day 1

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[14list] US Nationals Day 1

Post by rand » Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:26 am

Today, the first day of the US Nationals was our long distance race.

The race started with a smallish triangle windward leeward on the
same water as the worlds will be on, then we beat up two miles on the
outside of the "wall" the monster breakwater around the harbor and
then a series of zig zag courses up and down wind behind the
breakwater, measured length 16.5 miles.

The race was postponed a few minutes while the race committee placed
all the buoys on the course, but then we got it started. It was
quickly evident who the top four teams were Tina/Trevor Baylis, Bruce
Edwards/John Vince Howard Hamlin and Zach Berkowitz/Mike Martin.

Reporting from the back of the fleet I can't say much on how the
racing at the top went, but with a 30 minute time limit after the
first boat, only 6 boats "finished" the race. At the skippers meeting
we unanimously requested that the race committee finish the other
boats on the course if need be, and so the boats that were still
afloat reportedly did get a finish. Wind speeds were maybe 15 to 18
with some higher gusts. Waves were running maybe 1 to 2 feet, with
some higher ones as the chop built up on the rolling swells. Lots of

Howard Hamlin won, Tina/Trevor were second (reportedly just 30 second
back). The rest of the results are a little fuzzy (none posted yet).

Kurt Lahr/ Chris Ganne snapped the mast at the gnav, hopefully it is
repaired as I write this.
Paul Galvez and Guillermo Leon de al Barra broke the crane at the top
of the mast, which also should be fixed now.
James Beninghaus/Art Vasenius broke part of their rudder hardware,
but still finished and fixed it right quick.
Brad Ruetenik/Patrick Murray lost a trap wire
Kirk Twardowksi's crew lost a trapeze hook

Many capsizes and crushed egos. Should be a great worlds!

Four races tomorrow and three on Monday.


Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(Listmaster, former US President, former US Measurer)
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Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(former US President, former US Measurer)

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