Pre-war lapstrake I-14 centerboard design

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Pre-war lapstrake I-14 centerboard design

Post by WHIRLY » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:11 pm

I only got the hull to WHIRLY, and after careful measuring of the inside of the centerboard trunk and the position of the slot for the centerboard pin, I come up with the following shape for a centerboard. The notch in the forward bottom is the only way I can see that allows the "plate" to go vertical. I could remove wood so the edge would go straight aft and not completely fill the bottom of the trunk. Seems like an odd shape. Moving the pin slot would have solved everything. Also, the top trunk slot seems about 7-1/2" farther aft than necessary to allow the arm on the centerboard to stop it at a vertical down position. Am I missing something here? Was the trunk not laid out correctly? What do you think?
Thanks for your help. - Mark
WHIRLY-centbrd trnk.JPG

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