Geelong worlds

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Geelong worlds

Post by Eike » Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:02 pm

Hey guys,

I am tempted to to the Geelong worlds. My skipper sadly cant make it. I am booking a flight next week for the time from 16th of Dec to roundabout 23rd of Jan. Am trying to do the worlds on a low budget level as far you can talk of that if you have to fligh half around the world. Looking for another great worlds with competitive racing on an up to date boat.

About myself,

you get 78kg streched over 1,88m crew or helm, experienced in both over the last 9 years of racing 14s intensively. Did many nationals, local regattas and all 4 last worlds! Besides racing 14s I am into racing 18s since 3 years. Did all racing affordable here in Germany and Europe. A big regatta scedule this year will get you a trained, fit and motivated young sailor who can also get your boat sorted out and even repaired as I am becoming a boatbuilder and mainly working on the German I14 fleet boats.

I am aiming for maybe getting on an Aussi boat to crew. Am also experienced in sailing races in English language. Besides that I got a brand new and up to date tfoil(Top3 In germany use it!) to take with me and maybe some other modern gear aswell which i could get down there in the German Container for the event.

Let me know if your interested or know someone who might be. Am looking for sailors with a bit of experience as going for a 2 weeks swim with a newbee would be a bit to much of an effort on this big trip.

GER 37 (B3 Z)
Erholung pur 1.1

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