Sydney Worlds courses

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Sydney Worlds courses

Post by Colin Smith » Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:58 pm

There has been some discussion recently concerning the courses to be used in Sydney, specifically whether there would be reaches or not. We have been talking to Peter Moor, the PRO, about this and I wanted to publish something on this site so everyone has the same information.

As already explained in a separate post, there was a discussion at the World Council meeting in Germany, at which the Australian fleet explained that there was concern that it may be difficult to get proper reaches into the course without crossing busy ferry routes, and that this would be both dangerous and potentially unfair (if the fleet got split by a ferry going through it). So the World Council agreed that, FOR SYDNEY ONLY, we would agree to do without reaches if necessary for a given race.

The recent discussion has been around how likely this is to happen. Although the intent is still to include reaches if possible, Peter's view is that, given where the courses will have to be laid in the most common wind directions, it is likely to be difficult in practice to get reaches in at all. As above, he still will if he can, and as it depends on wind direction THERE CAN BE NO CERTAINTY. But the basic message to everyone is that it is thought that the most likely outcome is that there will be few if any reaches possible....

Of course, now we've said that we'll probably find we get an unusual and unique wind direction in which reaches can be got in easily, but given there have been a number of questions, just wanted to let everyone know what the most likely outcome was thought to be


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