Class rule vote results

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Class rule vote results

Post by Colin Smith » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:21 pm

The vote on the various class rule proposals has now been completed. The results are that proposals 1 (to change the way we measure boat weight), 6 (to limit hydrofoils to the rudder or daggerboard only) and 7 (to allow use of old mainsails in strong winds) have FAILED. Proposals 2 to 5, and proposal 8, have PASSED. These will be submitted to ISAF for their approval; we would hope we can get this before Christmas.

Assuming ISAF do approve, the effect will be:

Proposal 2: the requirement that we have spinnaker reaching legs at major events will no longer be a formal class rule. This will apply as soon as ISAF approve the change. [Just to be clear, the intent is that we will (except for Sydney) continue to have reaching legs and I will ask the World Council to confirm this policy at the meeting we will have in Sydney; it just won't be a class rule as ISAF require class rules should not include things like course layout]

Proposal 3: class rules will state that sail numbers are not required on spinnakers; this is also a purely administrative change, so we will no longer have to remember to put this wording into the sailing instructions for all our events. This will apply as soon as ISAF approve the change

Proposal 4: new boats will be required to display ISAF plaques (those small blue stickers seen on most international classes). The proposal was that this requirement should start three months after ISAF approved of the rule; I will suggest to them we set the date at 31 March 2010

Proposal 5: the class constitution requirements for countries to report how many boats they have will be simplified, and those for deciding who gets how many votes on the world council will be clarified, as proposed. This will apply as soon as ISAF approve the change

Proposal 8: the way we measure mainsails will change as set out in the proposal, with the sail area limit increased to allow for the extra area which will now be measured. As in my previous email, the originally proposed implementation date of 1 December became impracticable given how long the vote took, so it will now therefore apply to mainsails first measured from 1 April 2010 onwards.

The details of the vote by country are attached

Revised class rules incorporating the new wording will be published as soon as we have ISAF approval.

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