[14list] US Nationals Day 3 (Evil Brad strikes again, or Zac

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[14list] US Nationals Day 3 (Evil Brad strikes again, or Zac

Post by rand » Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:13 pm

Last day. Three races.

We've been racing out of the US Sailing Center in Long Beach, a great
little facility up the bay from ABYC. A bunch of fantastic folks went
way overboard to make a great regatta for us, a great big thanks to
them all.

Race six started a little later than scheduled, the wind had not
quite settled down when we first arrived. Soon however we got the
race going. Howard Hamlin and Euan McNicol showed that they had not
forgotten how to sail a 14 fast and promptly got into the lead with a
great leeward end start. Tina and Trevor Baylis however put the
pressure on and captured the lead at the fop mark. Would they be able
to win all three races today, forcing a who beat who in the last race
tie breaker? Such was not to happen as Howard and Euan snatched the
lead back by the leeward mark and held on to win. Zach Berkowitz and
Mike Martin, came in close third, with Ted Rogers and Tim Burkes
finishing fourth showing the speed that they had kept in reserve on

Race seven was another windward leeward windward leeward (how come we
never reach?) By the end of of all that up and down, Zach and MIke
had a comfortable lead winning their first race of the series. Howard
and Euan had to settle for their second second of the series and Tina
and Trevor fell to a third. Again in fourth Ted and Tim were looking

Race eight was the final race, Howard and Euan could have sat it out,
with the throw out, they had a commanding lead over Tina and Trevor.
But they chose to stay out and sail with the rest of us. For the last
race of the series, finally a reaching leg! Triangle windward leeward
was to be our last course. The race was mostly uneventful with Howard
and Euan taking line honors and the overall title, with Tina and
Trevor locking up another second (and second overall). Bruce Edwards
and John Vincze wrapped up their series with another third, and Zach
and Mike finished fourth. When you get a chance, ask Brad Ruetenik
about who has the right of way when rounding a jibe mark...

An honorable mention goes to Colin Baylis who turned three on Sunday.
The fleet celebrated with a chocolate cake and a rousing rendition of
"Happy Birthday."

The "OH MY GOD WHAT IS HE DOING??" award goes to Chris Hsu, who
noticing that he was going to be over early in the second race,
tacked away, bore off and threaded the needle of starboard tack boats
on port tack... Sever carnage was avoided however, and Chris learned
an important new lesson!

And of course the traveled the longest distance award goes to those
Hawaiians Steve Grimes & Brad Cole!

Photos of the event may be seen at gtsphotos.com

Final results were
1. Howard Hamlin & Euan McNicol (also winers of the Presidents trophy
for the long distance race)
2. Tina & Trevor Baylis (Tina also won the top woman finisher trophy)
3. Zach Berkowitz & MIke Martin
4. Bruce Edward & John Vincze
5. Ron Boehm & Pete "El Presidente" Mohler
6. Ted Rogers & Tim Burkes
7. Brad Ruetenick & Patrick Murray
8. Paul Galvez & Guillo De La Barra
9. Kirk Twardowski & Nate
10. Rand Arnold & Gary Gremaux
11. Steven Grimes & Brad Cole
12. Chris Hsu & Bob Hyde
13. Joel Truher & Stanley Martin
14. David Servais & Julie Ardagna
15. James Beninghaus & Art Vasenius
16. Kurt Lahr & Chris Ganne
17. Jack Salerno, & Warren McArthur

See you in September!

Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(Listmaster, former US President, former US Measurer)
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Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(former US President, former US Measurer)

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