[14list] US Nationals Day 2

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[14list] US Nationals Day 2

Post by rand » Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:53 am

Sunday, 12 o'clock start, four races.

All boats were ready for today's races. Kurt Lahr and Chris Ganne
glued their mast back together and were ready to go. Cracks were
repaired, trap harnesses stitched back up.

Starting earlier in the day, the wind was quite a bit lighter and the
sail out to the race course took a bit longer. Fortunately for a few
stragglers the race committee was not quite ready on time and with
short postponement they were able to make the race.

Race one, double windward leeward. Fairly light winds, a little two
wire, mostly single. Howard Hamlin and Euan McNicol led at all the
marks, winning by a large margin over Tina and Trevor Baylis. Zach
Berkowitz and Mike Martin in third with Bruce Edwards and John Vince
in forth.

Race two, a single windward leeward, lightening winds, marginal
single wire. Again Howard and Euan led at all the marks, again with a
large winning margin over Tina and Trevor, Ron Boehm and Pet Mohler
in third with Zach and Mike in fourth.

Race three, triangle windward leeward, freshening breeze, two wire,
depower, big waves, go fast. Guess what, Howard and Euan smoked the
fleet, led at all the marks, Tina and Trevor finished second again,
Zach and Mike in third followed by Brad Ruetenik and Patrick Murray
in fourth.

Race four, Triangle, more wind, faster, bigger waves, scarier
maneuvers. Howard and Euan led at the weather mark, followed by Tina
and Trevor. Jibe mark, Howard and Euan show that they are as mortal
as the rest of us and auger in. Tina and Trevor take the lead and
don't give it up. Howard and Euan get back on the course and finish
with their worst finish yet, a 2nd, Bruce in John finished third,
followed by Ron and Pete.

Race committee reported that they had no rescues today, and there
were no serious breakages.

Tomorrow we have three more and then the worlds!

Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(Listmaster, former US President, former US Measurer)
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Rand Arnold
International 14 USA 1143
"A Bumblebee Called Kate"
(former US President, former US Measurer)

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