Any I-14s here in Colorado

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Any I-14s here in Colorado

Post by gregtwombly » Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:30 pm

Does anyone know of any I-14s here in Colorado? I have a 49er and am looking for fast skiffs to train with

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Re: Any I-14s here in Colorado

Post by cadmus » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:12 pm

Let me start by saying Colorado sailors are the most dedicated and patient people I have met. Other than the 350 days of sun a year sailing is hard here. The Reservoirs are tiny, The wind is consistently inconsistent, fleets are small and the drives are long. But yet every time I go sailing here everyone is happy, friendly and fun. Hats off to you all.

I grew up in Wisconsin and sailed from age 1 to 22. I have been in Colorado for 11 years now. I really miss sailing but all this paying to use little reservoirs, club fees, long drives and short courses has kept me out of it here. Also there are no development classes that i know of and no skiffs. Hang gliding has held me over but nothing replaces sailing and I either need to move to the ocean or find a fitting class here.
I am hoping (maybe dreaming is a better word) to build a 14er once
1) my recently graduated wife finds a job and pays off some student loans
2) I find plans or at least hull curves to base it off of (hint hint please help anyone???)
3) I save up some money for a rig and dacron.
4) others agree to do the same so i am not lonely. ("do" being race 14ers not pay off my wife's loans that would be asking to much, that was a joke)

If you are trying to get a feel for local interest I am very interested and will be here (Ft. Collins) for at least 5 more years. But I am a grad student (busy) and am broke. Where do you most often sail? How many 49ers are there here? I am guessing no 14ers are here,i've looked hard, am i wrong?

Pete Cadmus

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Re: Any I-14s here in Colorado

Post by justnnow » Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:06 am

I wish I could say I had an I14 in Colorado. But I have the second best thing, an intense urge to sail a skiff...

Im currently studying at DU. And while I go back to my home of Chicago to teach sailing, work for Laserperformance, and race all summer, Im looking for some opportunities to sail out here when Im not in Chi.

If anyone is looking for a crew, or skipper. I would love to help out. Skiff or non skiff. Big boats or small. I just want to sail. And I would especially like the chance to see what an I14 or 49er is like.


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