[I14Fleet] I-14 practice days 4/5 Nov. SDYC

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[I14Fleet] I-14 practice days 4/5 Nov. SDYC

Post by gerritneve at gmail.com » Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:43 pm


Just send me a blank DVD+R in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will burn it and drop it in the mail.


Gerrit Neve
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On 11/13/06, Ned Murphy <ned@geochemist.net (ned@geochemist.net)> wrote:

If possible I'd like to get a copy of the video on dvd.


Gerrit Neve < gerritneve@gmail.com (gerritneve@gmail.com)> wrote:
Thanks again to Brad for making the event happen and to Jack and Cheryl for opening up there home.

I have the video at home and will hopefully have some clips posted for viewing and potentially a cd or dvd with the full footage.

Any ideas on when the next training weekend may take place?

- Gerrit

On 11/7/06, Y GALVEZ < ymgalvez14@yahoo.com (ymgalvez14@yahoo.com)> wrote:

A round of "thank you's" are in order for this past weekend's training weekend for the growing San Diego fleet (6-7boats with 2 visiting) out of SDYC. A huge "Thank You" to Brad for taking the time to set it all up and offering the never ending suggestions and encouragement on land drills on Jack's boat and on the water ("More vang!", thanks Brad!); Patrick and the North guys for being on the Ruetenik support boat and switching out skippers and crews while on the water. Renee for her videography, compliments of Jack's video camera. To end a great day of flat warm water with easy breezes, a wonderful fleet dinner hosted at Cheryl and Jack's home. Then to the video commentary...no one was spared Brad's wrath, err, commentary on how to improve sailing 14's. Sunday saw most everyone pack it up, so the remaining 14ers went to watch the Rum pursuit race, with even the best of them having a tough day....Vince Brun had to call it a wrap after running aground in his Farr 40 on the final push to the finish line (along with a few others!), at least it still happens to the best of them! All in all, a great San Diego weekend!

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